Hi and Welcome!

Hi and Welcome to my blog!

In case you’re wondering, this site features items for TheSims2 – a strategic life simulation video game developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts.  The game is used by many as a design tool and a movie making tool.  This site is personal and not affiliated with Maxis or EA.  I am just one of the many who use TheSims2 to express my creativity.

I started out with a sort of design studio where you could get some inspiration and ideas.  I soon moved on to creating walls and I loved it so much I made over 100 walls so far!  I’m also recolouring, building and making movies!   I’m pretty new to sharing stuff but not new to the community.  You can find me:

On Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Eclecticblends/535086929873113?ref=hl

On YouTube :  http://www.youtube.com/user/PlaythenWork/videos

On Directors United:  http://durs99.ning.com/profile/PlaythenWork

And you can find my stuff over at cherryblossomsims as well – see affiliate button over there on the right

Do enjoy and please leave some feedback!  I’d love to hear from you.



Checkin’ In

Hello everyone,

I realize that the last time I posted was December 2013.  That’s just wrong!  Hehehe.  However, life has been hectic.  I am still affiliated with The Sims2 community but I haven’t started up my game for quite a while.  My latest project is a new machinima but I’m still in the story-writing stage.  I love the story!

Thank you to all who have been downloading my stuff here… yeah, box.net informs me.  You just might spur me on if you leave a little comment but it’s all good.  I’m grateful that you could find them useful in your game.  Hope to do something new in due course.  Look out for me on YouTube as well!

See you soon!

African Living Room

I wanted to design an African-inspired living room for the longest time.  Now, here it is.







CraftyKidTag2Sofa and Decor pillows – jasminereflexsimsforumgift6; Armchair – CharlotteSet: Anye; Rug – Beachhouserug: ATSSandy; Tapestry – Duo: Mangosims; Drapes – HomeyTouchesLongDrapes: Sweetswami; Painting – Inner2Paintings: Shoukeir; Lamp-  Bitta bedroom lamp: Anye Wall decor –  Coffee table (rectangular) – NMS coffee table;  Coffee table (round) – steffor;  elephant –  deco by steffor; tall giraffes – stampede Huge Lunatic;  desk – cassandre;  chair – Tipo chair Anye;  planters – Buggybooz;   plants –  Vitasims and 4ESF dining 7; African musical instruments – ATS Sandy;   baskets – SiP bathroom 3;  vases – Sesame’s Ceramics


The walls were all made by me.  See the ‘elegant collection’ here.

My recolours from this set are available  here.

African recolours (and many more) of Buggybooz planters are here.

Buggybooz Planters for Indoors

Here are some recolours of the wonderful planters by buggybooz.  The meshes for the particular ones are included (as per her policy) but if I were you I would just get the whole lot of them!  Get them here: http://buggybooz.blogspot.com/2010/04/bb-planters-revisited.html

Now here are my recolours:









Gorgeous Walls

Hi there!  Today I’m sharing some of my walls.  I’ve made over 100 walls and had a lot of fun making them.  Hope you like these.

Here is “The Cute Collection”


The-cute-collection-2Patterns taken from mycutegraphics.com.  Thanks! 


Here is “The Arabesque Collection”

the-arabesque-collection2Patterns were taken from TheInspirationGallery.


Here is “The Textured Collection”



Here is “The Elegant Collection”




Last Stop

This breakfast nook is the last stop before hauling off the kids to school/ nursery and then heading off to work.  This mom found a way to maintain her style and cater to the kids at the same time.  A magnetic board and chalkboard rest just above the kid-proof upholstery and the baby’s high chair matches the decor.





Sectional seating: Maxis seCraftyKidTag2ctional – recolour by Lisa; High chair: Maxis Kinder Koddler high chair – recolour by Lisa ; Dining chair and table: Country Livin’ – Veranka, recolours by Lisa, Broom: ATS country kitchen (donation item);  blinds: ZooSvealyn roman blinds- recolours by Lisa; Photos: owl, cupcake, magnetic and chalkboard: Maxis Transcendence – recolours by Lisa; walls and floor by Lisa.

Pictures from: Clker.com (free to use). Cute wall from ‘mycutegraphics.com’.  

See downloads section for my recolours.

Wait for it…

Hi, thanks for your interest but I am still in the process of organizing my stuff.  I need to take some pictures, zip the files, upload to box etc. so please bear with me.

Thanks for your patience.

Soft and Romantic

Yes I know I’m coming at you fast a furious with these updates but it’s beginner’s zeal.  I’ll slow down soon enough and act like a normal blogger.  Lol!   I have for you another breakfast nook.  This one says “romantic dinner” more than it says “breakfast” but whatever the meal, your sims will not want to leave the table!

Again “a few of my favourite things are here: Phoenix Pharie’s Georgian windows.  I use these quite a lot; AnYe’s Industrial Chic pillows – I love, love, love these; Buggybooz’ Kitchen Basic; all Cassandre’s  little things and I’m adding that picture wall from Caro to the list now!









wall: Caro at DomicileInterior; floor: ICad’s recolour of Maxis; window: Georgian tall – Phoenix Pharie; cupboards: Kitchen Basic – Buggybooz; table: Vivalto dining – Cassandre, recolour by me; chair: Christmas set – Cassandre, recolour by me; Sectional seater: Maxis, recolour by me; Lighting fixture: Mangosims – Ghan set, recolour by me; Hanging decor: SimsInParis – Delphine; HOME sign: Jope, recolour by me; cushions: Industrial Chic – AnYe, recolours by me; rug: Orizzonte Living – Murano, purple recolour by me; Plant: Simple Patio – Veranka; Other little decor by various creators to whom I am very thankful.

Bright and Sunny

This breakfast nook features ‘a few of my favourite things’ – Moune999’s Nook living and Anye’s Industrial Chic cushions.  I think the two make a perfect match.



CraftyKidTag2  wall: Shoukeir – Mimosa wall; floor: Murano – olivier wood; windows: Maxis; seater: Moune999 – Nook living; recolour by me (Lisa); chair and table: Anna – shabby dining tMESH, recolour by me (Lisa);  cushions: Anye – Industrial chic MESH, recolour by me (Lisa); planter: Buggybooz MESH, recolour by Lisa; plant: 4ESF bedroom 14; clock: Anidup – Deco wall clock; blinds: Cassandre; flowers: Vitasims; fruit, teapot, sandwiches, salad plate: Cassandre; coffee cup: Kativip – gluttony.

My recolours will be available for download soon!

Patterns for pillows were made by me in Photoshop.  Pattern for planter from webtreats.

Wood texture for table and chair courtesy Borysses at Deviantart.  It is my most used, most favourite wood of all:)

Please do not copy my patterns.  Thanks and enjoy!


72, Millington Drive

This is an UNFURNISHED house.  I will be decorating it soon and sharing the decor with you.  I decided that I would build several simple homes then show you different furnishing ideas.  Since this site is dedicated to giving you design inspiration and to help you to do it yourself, the house would not be made available for download in a furnished state.  Sorry but I prefer to “teach you how to fish”.  You know the saying:)  Enjoy!




I removed the tall iron gate so you could see this impressive long walkway.  So what’s the story?  Forty years ago he was somebody important in Government. That must not be forgotten.  Nothing says “old money” like a long cobblestone walkway, fountains, and tall pillars.

Design Tip:  Use items that work together: elaborate pillars, wrought iron fences, brick walls, cobblestone walkways and fountains coincide with a well manicured garden and tall, elaborate trees in the background.

CraftyKidTag2Lamp post: Phoenix_phaerie – Manor house lamp post; topiaries: Phoenix_phaerie – Manor house topiaries; Doors and windows: Phoenix_phaerie – Georgian Manor build set; wall: Lisa – brick (not yet available); fencing: Windkeeper – black swirl fencing; pedestals and plants: Suza – Set Landscape; big tree: kativip S.T.A.L.K.E.R objects.


The house being far back from the road is still not enough privacy for you?  Well, let the greens shield you from prying eyes and enjoy outdoors without being seen!  When you’re ready to socialize,  think of the things you can do on that lawn!  Privacy must go along with security so don’t forget to light-up that long walkway!

Design Tip:  Terrain paints allow you to create curved walkways and lush looking lawns.

CraftyKidTag2Terrain paints: Ayyuff – grass and stone; plants: 4ESF – outdoor3, plants, rocks and fountain:4ESFoutdoor 5;   tree: kativip – STALKER set; garden umbrella and coffee table: Suza ‘Set Salsa’; garden chair: NMS; HOME sign: Jope- Sims3; box: ATS – Paris; plant in stand: Cashcraft – French country kitchen; wall: Simpleton – Monticello; ladder: Cassandre; door – Morne99; window: Phoenix_phaerie: georgian shutterless window.

Oh! The Drama

Front doors are supposed to be… let’s see… brown, black, white or maybe red.  Orange?!  No way.  But I say, Yes! to a fresh new coat of paint that adds that drama and fun to your front entry.  Everyone will be asking, “Who lives there?”  Go for an outdoor rug rather than the traditional doormat for this one.

Blue with a black frame.  Yes!  Another beautiful touch of colour.  Less drama but different non the less.  Add a little contrast with yellow lights and pink flowers.   Here, everyone has come to witness your reaction to the mysterious flowers left at your door.  I could here them singing: “I’ve been waiting on my true love’s kiss.” Now that’s what a unique front entry can do!

Design Tip:  Be bold.  Do something different!


floor: OhBehave – Solid Shades Revamped; door: RC of Maxis Justadoor by Lisa (not yet available); House number plate: Plate by Cassandre; plant: Nasturtium by macarossi; planters: stone planter by marina; rug: Simply Styling round rug 2×2 (mesh here) recolour by Lisa (not yet available); flip flops:


floor: OhBehave – Solid Shades Revamped; door: RC of Maxis Old Yankee 4score door by Lisa (not yet available); planter: buggybooz planter1 large (mesh here) recolour by Lisa (not yet available); plants: Jope’s garden plants 2,3,4 and Nengi65 small hibiscus (SITE CLOSED); watering can, sparrow, bluebird: nemestnaya’s Sunday set; cat: nemestnaya’s Pretty in Pink set; goose: nemestnaya’s Phoebe’s Corner set; bouquet: Cassandre

Inspired by bhg.com http://www.bhg.com/home-improvement/exteriors/curb-appeal/refresh-your-front-entry/#page=1

Curb Appeal

Sim neighbours may not want to walk on the curbed pathway you have provided but it gives your house an appealing and inviting look that would make them want to come again and again.

Design Tip:  Well -placed clutter and rearranging adds a personal touch.  Try adding a family pet and moving the mail box in from the road.  Adding a few choice details (like these gardening materials and a tween’s hastily discarded bike) will communicate that a real family lives here.

CraftyKidTag2Wall: Ohbehave-Solid Shades Revamped; Windows & Door: Phoenix Phaerie-Georgian set; Planter: Macarossi-short pedestal planter; Dog: Kativip-Legend Series City; Bike: Steffor-Picknik set; Birdhouses: Ohbehave-Birdhouses for Crissi; Watering can, stacked pots, sparrow: Nemestnaya-Sunday; Terrain paints: Ayyuff; Dirt: Buntah

Welcome In

Your Sim family moves in and the neighbours arrived to welcome them.  Let this first visit be a memorable one.

Design Tip:  Make a clear pathway flanked by Nature.  Use natural-coloured planters to allow Nature to accompany visitors as they walk.  Take the garden to the front door using coloured planters that introduce visitors to your interior decor.

CraftyKidTag2Fence: Ulmille – univera fencing; plants: 4ESF – outdoor 5; buggybooz – giggly grasses; planters: buggybooz – planters revisited mesh, recolours by Lisa (not yet available); wall by Lisa (not yet available).

Small Town Street

Shopping time!  This is a movie ‘set’ created mainly for outdoor scenes.  The buildings are empty but can be decorated in any possible way.  This means that you can film many parts of your story on one lot!

GREAT NEWS!  You can use this set for design inspiration or you can download it here! (Custom content not included.